Welcome to the V-Tox Centre

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The V-Tox Centre is committed to giving top quality intravenous vitamin C infusions (IV-C) using high dose vitamin C, vitamin B, minerals and glutathione for nutritional support.

The infusions can be used to reduce levels of toxins  and the effects of oxidative stress, speed up recovery from injury and stress. As a quick "Pick-Me Up" from tiredness and fatigue and for the prevention of future health problems.

V-Tox was started by Drs Graeme & Lilian Munro-Hall in 1992 to safely give high dose vitamin C Since then we have given over 15,000+ infusions.

We offer a range or high-dose vitamin C infusions at our centre in Bedfordshire, UK.
The infusions are based on 7.5g, 25g and 50g vitamin C infusions with the optional additions of glutathione, B vitamins, selenium and multi minerals.

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